Paul is Dead and Other Rumors from the Dana Point Art Scene

Photos and Text by Matt Cortina

I’m not buying it. Mark Downing is showing me The Beatles’ Let it Be and Let it Die album covers, and saying one has the photo of Paul McCartney and the other has a photo of Billy Shears. Paul died in a car crash in 1965, didn’t I know? I laugh, and he doesn’t.

Meanwhile, a free-spirit with a nose ring and a black kimono says the neon Talking Heads: 77 album on the counter costs more money than she has in her entire life at the moment. I look at the price tag, and my soul is warmed.

Downing’s shop is first on my unofficial tour of Dana Point art spots. When I ask for his opinion on the city’s art scene, he says, “There is one?”

It’s an easy perception to have. Steps away from Downing’s store is a statue of a cow painted with members of the band Green Day on it. That cow is steps away from another painted cow, which is steps away from another with Kobe Bryant painted on it. That is steps away from a painted elephant.

Read the rest here.

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